You have a new business plan, but an old website…or no website! You want a dynamic site that is simple, beautiful and responsive AND you want it developed quickly, delivered on-time and within budget.

You have come to the right place!

Well Optimized Web can be your one-stop-shop for: design, strategy, development, content and SEO; as well as email marketing and social media integration.

Having a great website means you will have a powerful marketing tool to expand your business and leverage your audience. We will help you determine your audience by nailing down the following:

  • Your Target Market, the customer group that is most likely to buy your products or services. This group is defined by your customer profile/avatar.
  • Your Customer Profile/Avatar, a detailed description of your typical customer. For a B2C, it usually includes information such as age, income, gender, marital status, profession and buying habits. For a B2B, it may include the types of business, number of years in business, size of business (human resources and annual revenues) and products or services sold.

With WOW, you will get stunning visual design interwoven with SEO strategies, functionality, a compelling message and social media connections to create measurable marketing results for solopreneurs, mid-sized companies, non-profits and more. Let’s do a phone consultation to see if we are a good fit!

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