Website Security: Why It Matters

Website Security: Why It Matters

When you lock-up at night, do you leave one door unlocked? Or do you leave the trunk of your car unlatched? No, no, never, never… not intentionally anyway.

So why would you go day after day, week after week or even month after month without securing your website? It IS the digital home of your business.
But, that is what you are doing when you do not have adequate security activated and when you fail to update your content management system (WordPress, etc.) and plugins and skip regular website maintenance. An unsecured website is an invitation to hackers and cyber thieves.
Without website security in place, you risk the spread of malware, attacks on networks and infrastructures, as well as spreading havoc to your website visitors by infecting their computers. Not wise!
Another MAJOR downside to poor security is that Google will stop including you in search results and eventually stop indexing your pages. Just imagine how that would negatively impact your business! …or maybe you don’t want to because that would be a nightmare!

Website Security Checks

You can avoid 99.9% of security attacks with a premium security plugin that is monitored and updated. The plugin should feature:

  • password requirement management
  • two-factor authorization
  • file change detection
  • site scanning
  • brute force protection
  • version management

When your website is secure, your online business reputation is preserved and you prevent costly clean-up expenses.

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