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Windows Phone App for Sharing Location from Bing

Bing has launched a new app to make it easier to plan an event with a group of friends. The app is called “We’re In.” It broadcasts your location to only the people involved in the event.

So, if a group goes to Valley Fair and you want to meet for lunch, one user creates an event, adds friends from contact list, titles the plan and an invitation expiration time. The friends receive a text allowing them to use the app or open a web interface. The interface maps the location of those participating in the event, making it easy to figure out who’s arrived, who’s lost and who’s late.

This app could be beneficial in social and business settings, including:

  • conferences
  • seminars
  • expos
  • coordinating business travel

Right now this app is offered as a Windows phone application. Hopefully, the app will be expanded to include more devices.

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