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Business ADventure

How long has it been since you have viewed your business as an ADventure? If you don’t see it as an ADventure, you can bet your clients don’t.

The two most effective ads for your business are your website and your social media interactions. The ads need to complement each other, while being consistent in their message. In essence, both venues need to be defining the same ADventure.

Let’s check out the definition of ADventure. According to, ADventure means:

  • an exciting or very unusual experience
  • participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises
  • a bold, usually risky undertaking; hazardous action of uncertain outcome
  • a commercial or financial speculation of any kind

Oooh, I like ADventures! I am tired of ordinary! When I visit a website, I want to be WOW-ed (pun intended), convinced, challenged, inspired, encouraged . . . moved in some way — either by design or content. I am compelled to action only when my interest is piqued, when I am MOVED.

Does your business ‘ad’ incite action? How long since you’ve lived dangerously? Thought outside the box? Taken a calculated-risk? I challenge you to create a business ADventure plan and take the ride of your life.

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