Social media is an art. There are new platforms emerging constantly. And established platforms transition to accommodate trends (and improve net profits, of course). As scary as that may sound, in order to market your business online, a credible social presence is vital.

Social networking isn’t about computers. It is about people, a lot of them, exchanging information efficiently. Social networking is a way for your business to obtain extra exposure and communicate on a more personal level. A social media strategy will help you generate personal relationships with potential clients, as well as position your business for growth.


I will brand your social sites to coordinate with your website design. This will include:

  • profile images
  • cover images
  • logos
  • backgrounds
  • optimized text

Then I will help you develop a social media strategy that will give you confidence to interact with fans and followers. You will learn how to transition content from your website and daily business routine to your chosen platforms, this may include some automation to Facebook and Twitter.

Still a little nervous? Check out how I can help you with a monthly social media plan where you supply the information and I publish it.