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SEO Marketing or SEO IT Department

When you build a website in such a manner that search engines can easily read and index it, you have built an optimized website. A well-optimized site can lead to an increase in site traffic and brand visibility. That leaves many companies wondering whether search engine optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy or an IT tool?

SEO as a Marketing Strategy

SEO is definitely a marketing strategy leveraged with technology. Savvy onsite and offsite SEO implementation can generate more website traffic. More traffic translates into more customers . . . more customers, more business. Increased business (ROI) is the best barometer for measuring the success of your marketing strategy.


The SEO a technical, multifaceted process. It requires expertise in research, website structure and programming. Some of the basic tasks include keywords identification, content created, link building and load times checked – all while staying abreast of industry best practices.

SEO is BOTH Marketing and IT

As you can tell by the information presented, technically search engine optimization fits into both departments. If I had to choose one department though, I would pick marketing. Without SEO driving traffic to a company website, that business would not have an online market.

Well-Optimized Web Services performs SEO in the Minneapolis – St. Paul area and throughout Minnesota, including Lindstrom, North Branch, Forest Lake, Chisago City, Center City, Stillwater and Taylors Falls.

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