My Fav 5 Free WordPress Plugins


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Business ADventure

How long has it been since you have viewed your business as an ADventure? If you don’t see it as an ADventure, you can bet your clients don’t. The two most effective ads for your business are your website and your social media interactions. The ads need to complement each other, while being consistent in […]


Local Search Strategy

Looking for a restaurant? Theater? Business? Most people now do a local search online or on a smartphone. The traditional yellow page book is a “plugger’s” booster seat. What does the growth of online local search mean for your business? It actually levels the playing field. Businesses do not have to spend megabucks on marketing […]


Page Load Time Matters

Page load time is a major contributing factor to the bounce rate (page abandonment). The average searcher lacks time and patience to wait for a slow website. Some studies show that about half of all consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less and approximately 40% of consumers will abandon a […]